We are closing our East Genesee office downtown and opening a new location at:

The last day at Downtown office is Feb. 7th. Our phone numbers are not changing.

If you have an appointment that must be moved, we will be contacting you or you may call us to reschedule to our new location. Also to better serve all of our patients, adjustments have been made to all of our location schedules.

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The following are recommended vaccines for many of our pulmonary patients. Vaccines help all of us remain healthy and prevent complications associated with viral and bacterial pneumonia as well as the flu. Remember to review all your vaccinations with your provider as there are other vaccines you may benefit from as well.

Pneumococcal vaccine PPSV23

  • Patients 65 and older
  • Patients 64 and younger with certain health problems

Pneumococcal vaccine PCV13 (Prevnar 13)

  • Patients 65 and […]